Coffee Machine Brewing Guide

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The Coffee Machine is a very common brewing method.  You'll find coffee machine's of all sizes and shapes all around the world ready to brew a great morning cup.

You can think of the coffee machine like using a standard point and shoot digital camera or using automatic mode.  It's quick and easy but you can't get the nuances of manual mode.

You can quickly set-up your coffee machine for a consistently great cup, but you are less able to make the subtle adjustments based on the type or conditions of the coffee (i.e. roast, grind, etc.)

What you need:

1. Coffee Maker (10 Cup)

2. Paper Filter (Cone or Wavy)

3. Scale

4. Filtered Water (1250mL = 1250g)

5. Medium Ground Coffee (80g)

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Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Add Water

Let's go ahead and get your cold filtered water added to the machine's reservoir.  You are welcome to use the markings on the reservoir for convenience but for a more consistent cup we recommend weighing things out.

Step 2: Filter Prep

Depending on the type of filter you're using you may have an additional step here.  If you've got a cone filter, you'll need to fold both ends in opposite directions to create a flat bottom.  The flat bottom helps with even flow of water.  If you've got a wavy flat bottom filter add it to the machine.  If your machine has a stainless steel filter then just move to step 3.

Step 3: Add The Grounds

Go ahead and add those nice medium grinds to the press. Although we give you our recommended coffee to water ratio in the What You Need section above, remember that drinking a great cup of coffee is all about enjoying it the way you like it.  So if you prefer a bit stronger or more mild brew please adjust as you see fit, just remember even small adjustments can lead to big change in flavor.  Keep in mind grind size can influence your brew as well.  If you're coffee is too fine you'll over extract and experience a bitter cup.

Step 4: Brew

Turn on your machine and let it complete the brew cycle.  We recommend starting out on the default settings and making adjustments as necessary based on the type of brew you like.

Step 5: Enjoy!!

Our favorite part!  Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!  



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