Vietnam - Coffee Guide and Top 5 Photography Hot Spots

f-stop woman standing in fields vietnam

With an immense collection of stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and ancient temples, Vietnam is a paradise for photographers of all skill levels especially those that are also coffee enthusiasts.

We’ll get into some of the best photography hot spots in Vietnam in a moment but first let’s learn a little more about this coffee producing behemoth.

As the #2 coffee growing country in the world, Vietnam is responsible for ~1,900,000 metric tons of the world’s total coffee production. Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in 1857 and since the early 20th century has been a major source of income, second only to rice.

Although the first type of coffee beans brought by the French were Arabica, today over 90% of Vietnam’s total coffee production is dominated by Robusta beans.  Making this tiny southeast Asian nation a top world producer of Robusta Coffee and also one of the most competitive.

Robusta coffees tend to be bold with a strong taste and are typically more bitter than Arabicas resulting from almost double the caffeine and less fat & sugar content.  Because of this, a special roasting technique was developed by the Vietnamese where butter and sugar are added during the roasting process.  This give the beans a deeper delicious caramel like flavor. 

Not only does Vietnam produce some outstanding coffees, a journey through the country also makes for countless opportunities to capture some picturesque images. 

Now that we covered coffee, Let’s talk about our top 5 recommended photography locations in Vietnam: 

Phu Cuong Waterfall

f-stop Phu Cuong waterfall vietnam

Phu Cuong Falls is located in the heart of the coffee producing region.  This 45 meter high waterfall thunders over the lava rock of a long past volcanic eruption into a pool below creating a beautiful white mist at the base of the falls; a perfect scene for any nature or landscape photographer.   If you’re lucky the conditions might be just right to capture a colorful rainbow arching across the roaring falls.

Ha Long Bay

f-stop coffee - ha long bay

As you drift around the bay getting lost in the limestone columns that appear as if from a fantasy world you’ll understand why this UNESCO world heritage site has been top of the list of photographers around the world to visit and capture.

 Hue Imperial City

f-stop coffee hue imperial city vietnam

This enormous campus was at one time the royal capital of the Nguyen Dynasty which ruled over Vietnam for almost 150 years. Prior to the Vietnam war around 160 buildings stood at the site, sadly the majority were destroyed during the Tet Offensive in 1968.  Only around a dozen remain today.  Although only a small number of structures remain today you can still capture the colorful architecture, intricate designs and stunning carvings that you would expect to find in a royal capital city of a foregone age.

Muong Hoa Valley

f-stop coffee - Mường Hoa Vally

 Located in northwest Vietnam the lush green valley boasts some of the most scenic and picturesque views in the country.  Muong Hoa Valley features terraced rice fields resulting from the rice planting technique used in the region.  The balance of natural beauty a human intervention make this a perfect place for any photographer to capture unforgettable photos. 

Golden Bridge

f-stop coffee - golden bridge

 Hanging on the edge of a mountain by two formidable gold hands this 150 meter pedestrian bridge alone makes for a stunning capture.  Couple that with the fact is a great spot to take a stroll with your camera and capture some superb vistas this is certainly one of our top spots.  Other people thing so too, so it’s recommended to get their early to avoid the crowds.

So there you have it.  Home to great coffee, stunning landscapes, and natural wonders Vietnam makes the perfect destination for a coffee loving photographer.

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