Perfect Portraits

Hello Coffee and Photography Lovers,

Who else loves a perfect portrait?

There is nothing better than capturing the essence of a person's inner most soul in flawless lighting using an engaging composition. Am I right?

I personally love the depth of emotion you can capture in just a fraction of second. Easier said than done right? It takes an incredible skill but when done right it's simply mesmerizing. That's why the theme of of our next #coffeeandphoto gallery is Perfect Portraits.

Join us on a virtual photo shoot of perfect portraits from around the world and share your photos with us for a chance to be featured in our gallery and win some free coffee while you're at it.

Be sure to tune in to check out some amazing shots and improve your skills. Hopefully we'll help brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.



Founder f-stop Coffee

f-stop coffee #coffeandphoto black and white portrait

By @fourteenophotography

Interested in more photos from @fourteenophotography, check out links to their instagram and Etsy shop below!

instagram viewfromtheairstudiosBlog - @theloverspassport

f-stop coffee #coffeeandphoto rose garden portrait

“I am absolutely in love with this picture. It reminds me to look to a higher power for strength and joy, even when I feel weary”

By @russrobinsonphotography

facebook - viewfromtheairstudiosinstagram viewfromtheairstudiosBlog - @theloverspassport

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